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Question 1: Past/ Anxiety
Card: Make Music

Meaning: Express yourself with music. The fairies urge you to sing, play a musical instrument, tap your fingers, or crank up the stereo.

Affirmation: Deep within my soul, I now accept and experience the healing power of music.

Reflection: I had an off day. I felt my anxiety knock on my door, sit in my living room, and stare at me with no reason of why they came back. I was trying to fight my anxiety by accepting my feelings, understanding, and letting go // in order to release the anxiety in a healthy way. The one thing that helps today was music. It helped me through every beat, lyric, and vibration. I am now connected. I’m back on rhythm.

Question 2: Present/ Love
Card: Making New Friends

Meaning: Your circle of friends and acquaintances is shifting to a higher frequency. Making room for growth, acknowledging the universal Law of Attraction. People who are like-minded are naturally drawn to one another. Know that you deserve friends who inspire, support, understand, and complement you.

Affirmation: I am grateful for my wonderfully supportive and loving friends.

Reflection: I feel like my friends are the best. I do feel like I also have room to make new friends that have similar desires and dreams as me. Friends that can help me grow and support my divine purpose. I am starting to be involved in more activities that I hope to connect with amazing people.

Question 3: Future/ Career

Card: Moving Forward Fearlessly

Meaning: You are making big breakthroughs in your life by putting your Divinely Inspired ideas into action. Trust that you are guided each step of the way.

Affirmation: I move forward fearlessly, trusting that each step I take is perfectly guided. Honor your inner feelings by taking at leas one step each day in the direction of making your dreams and desires a reality. step by step you will soon make your dreams a reality.

Reflection: I feel like this card ties everything together. Fuck Fear and Anxiety- It no longer exists in my heart, mind or soul. I must be brave now. I must continue to be strong. I am. I am. I am. Moving forward, Fearlessly. Taking steps to my hearts desires and goals. I can do anything.

Thank you Healing with the Fairies//Doreen Virtue.

Visualize releasing all fear, anxiety, and depression.
Visualize being free
Visualize your dreams, where you want to be in the future, what you want it to look like, how you want the future to feel. Visualize it as if it is already here, happening NOW!