Custom Paintings / Murals Custom Designed Mural for TikTok Social Media Launch

“Believe” at Crestwood Schools interactive mural with students- Mantua, Ohio (8.5 ft x 39 ft) 2021

“OLIVE YOU!” Mosaic Olive Tree!

Find your Square and begin to Let your inner Artist Have fun!

Color in all the white of your square paper using your box of crayons!

Match the colors as best as you can!

If you see more Leaves and Flowers, Use your creativity to draw

and color any extra details you see on the picture!

  • The Black Square Lines are for direction only!


When completed, please return to Olive and Kathy! Thank you!!!

Constellations for Kids Bedroom in Lorain, OH 10 ft x 12 ft 2020

Cleveland Mural 3x5 ft
CED in Solon Company Mural 8 ft x 5 ft 2018

Painting Murals for Marcus Thomas LLC. Ad Agency in Cleveland, OH

Theme: Core Values, Designs created by Adam Vicarel 2020

1EDI Source in Solon, Company Mural 11 ft x 4 ft2018
1EDI Source in Solon, Company Mural 11 ft x 4ft 2018
MP Biomedicals Company Mural 5 x 8 ft
MP Biomedicals in Solon, Mural 8ft x 5ft 2018
Electrical Box located on Twinsburg Square 6.5 ft x 6 ft 2017

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