10 Art Benefits for Everyone


person holding cdArt is everywhere. Whether you’re viewing or creating art there are infinite ways to allow imagination to enrich your life.

Art is music, theater, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, design, architecture, fashion, interior design, and more. 

10 Art Benefits for Everyone


1. Improves Health and Wellbeing

Let’s be real. On your journey through life- you will face challenges that can become overwhelming and break you down. Engaging in the arts can help you through the healing process. Studies show that art can aid in improving mental or physical diseases and build overall wellbeing.

2. Builds Brain Cells

16336906866_170a4a8ca5_b• Get smarter. Art education is vital in our schools to increase right brain cells (the creative side) maintaining a balanced mind, body, and soul. In a new TED Talk, neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret, confirms humans can generate new brain cells through activities like art, learning, and aerobics creating a boost in moods, memory, and cognitive abilities.

3. Focuses on being in the Moment

man in white and blue striped long sleeved shirt painting near seashore• If you tend to overthink or go through the motions of each day- Art is a key way to focus your mind and body on what’s really happening right now. Remember the past is over and the future has not begun. So in order to enjoy your life to the fullest, you must appreciate the present. Take a trip to the art museum or your local sip & paint class. This leisure time will make you feel more calm and carefree.


4. Creates Aesthetics and Feng Shui

photo of green leaf potted plants on window and stand• By being artistically sensible, you can attract more beauty, positive experiences, and love. When a person or space is pleasing in how it looks and feels it creates a branch of philosophy called aesthetics. When you arrange your environment to harmonize the flow of energy it generates Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese system of laws. Here are some ways you can practice these methods. (link to new blog)



5. Gains Inspiration

blur brainstorming business close up
• To light a fire you must first have a spark. Inspiration is like a spark that lights your purpose. That “spark” of revelation gives you momentum to do something with passion! It’s easier to do something if you truly enjoy it. Inspiration can come from deep within your soul or far out within the universe. Be inspired to think outside the box for new ideas that can evolve our future generations productively.


6.Enhances Communication

• One of the souls’ purposes of art is to connect. Historically, people began communicating their thoughts through symbols, images, or gestures. By showing each other what they want or need, they were able to build understanding in their communities. Art is a progressive approach in expressing your thoughts, ideas, and telling stories.
In today’s society, art is used in assisted living homes, therapy, hospitals, schools, businesses and more.


o Someone who’s gone through a traumatic experience may use art therapy techniques to unearth the root of the occurrence or grow towards healing.

o Local businesses design art for logos and advertisements to connect with their customers and keep them engaged. No matter what field your career is in, professionals often have to use creative thinking to problem solve.

o For patients who have Alzheimer’s or health diseases, studies prove that creativity is advantageous outlet to improve their mental, emotionally, and physical endurance.


7. Relieves Stress and Builds Confidence

• It’s time to let go of all that worries you. May it be anxiety, depression, anticipation of time, pressure of responsibilities, frustrations or a difficult situation-

woman in blue denim button down jacket and black pantsRemember, it’s natural to feel stressed sometimes, but can become toxic if you hold in negative feelings. So- Make time for yourself to relax and play, especially after a long day of work. Learn to let go of your stress and channel it into a positive activity. By finding your favorite creative outlet, such as reading, going to the park, singing in the shower, or learning a new DIY craft you will become happier and more at peace. Being creative alleviates stress and insecurities, making you feel more confident to achieve anything you set your mind.


8. Encourages Self Identity

pexels-photo-297394.jpeg• Opening up the doors of imagination in your mind and heart, can show you what you are genuinely thinking or feeling. When you have self awareness you gain emotional intelligence and thus, become more in control of your life. Additionally, you expand your motivation, compassion, and state of mind.

• Artistic expression takes you on a road to self discovery where you can reflect on your own personal qualities that make you unique and prosper your self of sense.


9. Influences Community

Have you stopped and smelled the flowers seen the art?

man wearing black waistcoat and white tank tops standing near a mural

You may notice art painted as murals on the side of buildings or hanging up in your local coffee shop. Art is proven to increase the quality of communities and create stronger bonds through interaction. Next time your community comes together at an event or fair, be sure to support your local artists. You will get the opportunity to take home something beautifully handcrafted and it will make you feel good for supporting the community, and validate that artist’s purpose. If you feel like there is not enough art in your community you could talk to your parks and recreation program and pitch your ideas.

people throwing blue powder at daytime

10. Earns Sense of Accomplishment

When you interpret art, make art, or buy art- you earn a sense of accomplishment. Whether you used creativity to learn something new or work through a hard time the art experience you receive uplifts your self esteem and gives you a sense of pride.

woman wearing brown sun hat and gray pinstriped long sleeved long dress

 Art can be meaningful or it can be nonsense or it could be both. You may perceive life and art differently then your neighbor. But isn’t that sort of the main point? When you share your artistic views it creates diversity and overall balance. Hopefully, you find all these benefits of art helpful- whether you do it or not-

action adult balance balancing



Remember to embrace each day~ 🙏

The days when it storms down rain. 💧

The days when the sun is blazing hot. ☀️

The days when you catch that magical rainbow. 🌈

Imagine the rain being your PAST. This includes any hardships or challenging experiences you have to overcome. Now these things have made you who you are. They are in the past for a reason. Let it go! Let the rain wash away all of those worries that no longer serve your higher purpose. You are cleansed and renewed ⚡️

Imagine the sun being your PRESENT. Based on the law of attraction, what you want to manifest in real time. Remember to ask the universe for what you want. For instance, if you want to be happy, be happy starting now! It’s easy as 1-2-3. 😄 Let the sun recharge your body and minds batteries. 🔋You are right where you need to be! Keep shining.

Imagine the rainbows being your FUTURE. Wherever you’ve been and wherever you are, help you in manifesting your future. Let the rainbows be a sign that when you accept the “good” with the “bad” you become balanced and grow more in harmony with world around you. ☯️ You are complete. You are perfect just the way you are.

You may notice I repeat the word “Let”. That’s because you don’t have to do much in this process, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or lost, simply take a deep breath and let it happen! The universe is a mystical place and can do most of the work for you. You just have to Accept and TRUST THE PROCESS! ✨ The light + the dark is what gives you that beautiful picture! ⚪️⚫️

Find a new perspective to see your light through those clouds! ☁️Your thoughts transform your life. 🔐 You can do it. 🦋 I believe in you! 💓💓💓

As always, this is a quick guide to the light. If you have any questions or want to dive more In depth with me I’m just a click away!

Thank you for being here.

Love and Light



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Psychology of Color

Colors can subconsciously tell us about our feelings, moods, businesses, etc.


Passion – Strength – Determination



Energy – Creativity – Warmth

outdoor fireplace during nighttime


Happiness – Optimism – Fun

green pineapple fruit with brown framed sunglasses beside yellow surface


Abundance – Growth – Health

woman riding hanging swing in forest


Calmness – Stability – Communication

animals happy mouth medium


Wisdom – Spirituality – Imagination

closeup photo of purple gemstones


Love – Uniqueness – Compassion

snow capped mountains under the cloudy skies


Grounded – Safety – Natural

aroma aromatic art artistic


 Wholeness – Purity – Wellness

nature flowers garden plant


Protection, Power, Elegance

person carrying black cat


7 Chakras for Beginners

What is a chakra?  A chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. There are 7 main chakras in the body that resonate with each energy center in physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual ways. Practiced in religions like Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. The 7 main chakras alignment the mental and emotional body starting at the root of your feet to the crown of your head. girl-with-7-chakras-vector-1963283.jpg

What’s the purpose of chakras? Understanding your chakras can guide you to healing your life. Energy centers can transform your inner and outer being. Clearing your energy is a way to unblock any stress and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Who uses Chakras? Anyone can practice using their chakras as a fundamental resource to better health. Chakras are studied by yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, holistic health practitioners ,and spiritual enthusiasts.

The 7 main Chakras for Beginners are listen below.




Chakra Muladhara



Solar Plexus



12931901 - the heart chakra



Third Eye

12931903 - the brow chakra




Top 20 Crystals for Beginners


Whether you have been collecting crystals for years or are just discovering their spellbinding beauty and purpose, here is my review of the top 20 Crystals-Minerals-Gemstones-Rocks Remember as always, your intention is what matters most.  The energy you give, is the energy you receive.

Top 20 Crystals for Beginners


Clear Quartz








Rose Quartz


Lapis Lazuli










Tigers Eye





Black tourmaline










Rainbow Fluorite is just bands of different colours. P (1).jpg



“WasteLand” Documentary Response

ImageImageReview by AW

Vik Muniz is famous for creating artwork made from unordinary and unique materials. Muniz has made images using peanut butter and jelly, toys, junkyard materials, sugar and more. “Sugar children” was one of Muniz’s most important series of pieces in his career because it impacted a group of people and audience. The portraits made from sugar represented the Caribbean sugar children whose parents work 16-hour shifts in the sugar field. Similar to the significance of the sugar children, the Brazilian garbage pickers from Rio de Janerio’s Jardim Gramacho also sends a powerful message. The documentary shows the process of Muniz’s new idea to create a series of portraits using material from the world’s largest garbage dump in Brazil. The portraits of the pickers were made out of trash and recyclable materials on a large scale. Muniz used the materials from the landfill including the dirt to fill in the shadows. He engaged in the space of a whole building to mirror the photographs on the ground. The pickers helped place bags, toilets, shoes, bottle caps, baskets, dirt, and more thrown away materials to bring the images to life.His work gave the pickers pride in what they do and rewarded them for all their hard work. The proceeds from one of the pieces sold for over $50,000 dollars. 

The documentary shows how equal humans are because whether you are rich or poor, your garbage goes in the same place. People rarely think about where there trash goes, so it is easy for them to sit around and constantly throw things away. The pickers do not view the garbage as reusable material rather than trash. They also see the material as money because it can be recycled. Many of the pickers have dreams like being a cook or librarian, but are currently working to survive. Muzis and the pickers use something that would be typically seen as ugly and showed it’s success.  

“Wasteland” was an enlightening and honest documentary when revealing the life of a picker. I couldn’t imagine making only 20-30 dollars a day after digging through all the trash at the landfill. It would be hard as a picker to see all the reusable materials like books, shoes, clothes, blankets, and more items that people simply toss out. This documentary makes me more aware of the things I throw out and if I could recycle or donate the material to someone who needs it. Personally, I gained more appreciation for what I have and became more aware of the environment.

The inspiring stories of the pickers represent an impactful message through their portraits by Vik Muniz. Muniz is a creative and humble artist whose goals were admirable. The goals Muniz had during his process were to change the life of a group of people. After creating stunning portraits of the pickers out of the trash, Muniz gave the proceeds back to the people. Muniz stated how he already had everything, so he wanted nothing but to give back.

Muniz was an average person who cleaned up the dumpsters at work and grew up poor. Muniz has a positive view and outlook on life. He was able to achieve his dreams still after being in the middle of an argument he was not involved in and getting shot. I respect Muniz and his goals because this documentary was more about the overall mission andpeople rather than himself. It is uplifting to see the process of the pickers and their perspective of life. It was a shockingly beautiful process and an inspiring message to people about our environment and their daily habits.

Pattern Study

It is fascinating how colors and patterns differ when you change one variable. In the pattern studies below, the element that is altered is hue.

Can you guess which one hue changes from left side to right ?

Do you prefer the left or right design? Why?